A Note From the Founders

For the Magnetic Fields community, this time of the year is synonymous with excitement and anticipation.

Friends from all over the country, and even around the world, plot and plan to meet up in the desert for three days - and three nights - of dancing, music and adventure. Last year when we took the decision to skip what would have been our eighth edition, we were hopeful of coming back in 2021 with more sounds and experiences.

The love that you showed our first-ever edition of Magnetic Nomads in March earlier this year made us believe that maybe December 2021 was possible, and not just our dream. But the pandemic has shown us that the best laid plans can often go awry. While we realise that events and festivals have begun in full swing in India and around the world, we have decided to hold off hosting Magnetic Fields till next winter.

This wasn't an easy decision to make but it's one we believe is in the best interests of the festival and our attendees. As much as the world is learning to heal and come to terms with the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, associated rules, restrictions and protocols are often in flux and for a small, independent festival like Magnetic Fields, the uncertainty can be devastating.

We know that this isn't the news you wanted to hear but we are working on a few exciting things that we hope to share with you soon.

We will see you in the desert and under the stars in December 2022. Maybe someplace else. Sooner.

Until then, sending you our warmest wishes
Team MF