Magnetic Fields

Unified Field

Celebrate a journey both diverse and unifying with our theme 'Unified Field'

As we mark our 10th anniversary, the theme Unified Field celebrates the profound interconnectedness that defines our festival. This year, we honour the universal ties binding diverse musical traditions, cultures, and genres into a singular, harmonious experience.

Unified Field reflects how music bridges differences, fostering empathy and unity. Inspired by quantum entanglement, which reveals the intrinsic connections between all entities, our festival connects artists and audiences globally, highlighting our shared humanity.

We continue to engage with the Alsisar community, supporting local initiatives and fostering a collaborative spirit. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures a platform for diverse voices while preserving and promoting cultural heritage through partnerships with folk artists from India and Southeast Asia.

Join us in celebrating Unified Field, where every beat and note resonates with the unity of our shared journey under the vast, interconnected sky of Alsisar.