Magnetic Fields
Creative Barter / Artists Submissions

As Magnetic Fields goes into its 10th year, it's important for us to celebrate all things that create colour and vibrance within our wonderful community…

Our Creative Barter has introduced us to many members of the creative community who we now proudly call a part of our own.


We're happy to open the Magnetic Fields Creative Barter Application for #MagFields2024! If you have a useful skill or an idea to engage with fellow attendees this December, tell us!

Free passes will be offered in exchange for a ‘gift/offering/activity’ that could be offered to your fellow Magnetic Fielders.

Previous Magnetic Fields Ticket Barters:
- Stargazing workshops
- Interactive performances
- Fabulous fancy dress/role playing
- Haiku gifts
- Poetry workshops
- Graphic art presents
- Board Games
- AV Installations
- Block printing and clay workshop
- Perfumery Workshop

Ideas of Magnetic Fields Ticket Barters:
- Workshop/skill sharing
- Immersive acting experiences
- Installations involving play of light – reflection/refraction
- Sound installations
- Interesting seating / lounge ideas