Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Sanctuary x LifePlugin

Immerse yourself in weekend bliss at the Magnetic Sanctuary—an oasis to decompress from and recharge for the festival frenzy.

This decompression zone is your ticket to escape the hustle and embrace a world of meditative vibes, blindfolded sensory adventures, and a range of transformational experiences and workshops. Explore cacao ceremony, soak in the scents of aromatherapy, unlock cosmic insights with astrology, indulge in acupuncture, and treat yourself to exclusive weekend massage therapy. Beyond just a space, it's a vibrant playground for connection, rejuvenation, and a reimagination of yourself through a cascade of unique and revitalizing experiences.

With the help of our partners LifePlugin, Sanctuary will bring the best teachers, facilitators and practitioners to provide you with a space to meet, connect and seek to reimagine yourself through unique wellness experiences.

Niels Caszo:
Niels is passionate about organizational strategy and transformation. He believes that the transformation of any organization begins with the transformation of its people. Emphasizing personal development, Niels draws from over 20 years of experience, including half a decade at ING Innovation Lab. Currently, he dedicates most of his time to building Nascosto—a community initiative designing experiences that transform both people and places.

Siddharth Anantaram:
Coach Sid, also known as 'The Coach's Coach,' is the Master Coach to leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs aspiring to play a bigger game. With over a decade of experience, Sid empowers people to live a life of freedom, purpose, and impact. As a master coach with Evercoach, the world’s largest coaching platform, he has trained over 12,000 coaches and spent more than 5,000 hours in transformative coaching sessions with leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers.

Lilya dreams of a world built on individuated humans and communities that grow together. With 20+ years of wisdom in self-enquiry, personal growth, alchemical transmutation, trauma recovery, and embodied living, Lilya holds space for humans to be real, dive deep, and shift how they feel and think about themselves. She has found her flow in seeing through people’s stories, the not-self, and helping them accept and BE their whole self.

Farasha (Priyanjali & Dhruv):
Farasha is a sound collective founded by Priyanjali and Dhruv. Its inception came about from the amalgamation of their respective fields of study and passion. Priyanjali is a yoga and sound therapist and psychologist. Dhruv is a sound worker, musician an architect. Together they offer sonic experiences involving alternative healing therapies and intuitive visualizations with the use of various instruments carefully picked at healing frequencies.

Ariella Blank & Rebekah Sood:
Meet Rebekah and Ariella, the driving forces behind Atmosphere. Rebekah, a passionate doula, yogi, and entrepreneur, infuses wellness into every aspect of life. Ariella, a nutritional therapist and gut health expert, is passionate about the healing potential of food. Together, they shape Atmosphere into a powerful haven of holistic well-being and nourishment.

Shama Meghe:
Shama Meghe is a Vedic meditation teacher with a passion for providing a contemporary context to meditation. Teaching an effortless technique for deep rest and expansion of awareness, Shama travels globally as part of the 1 Giant Mind community, bringing a modern perspective to meditation.

Sina & Una:
Sina Siav is a multi-instrumentalist musician and sound healing meditation and yoga teacher based in Goa, India. His music is influenced by Sufi music and transcendental chantings of tribals - a fusion of classical, folk, electronic and world music. He plays instruments like tanbour, didgeridoo, handpan, singing bowl, keys, and classical guitar, mostly performing in yoga and sound healing sessions at festivals and rituals.

Manna Kanuga:
Manna, a Flow Game Host, has an easy-going, fun-loving personality. After a life-changing experience with Lifeplugin Summit, she pursued training in the Art of Hosting in 2018. Certified as a philosopher, with two years in the social sector, Manna hosts sharing circles through the Flowgame and Let's Talk worldwide.

Ayesha has had an array of intense experiences in life. She understands the value of human connection and makes space for listening. 'Why so serious' is a constant reminder especially when life seems harsh. She is a 900 hrs YTTC Yoga teacher and a Breathwork facilitator. The body remembers and is wise, so through her explorations, she makes room for that wisdom to grow. She does things with heart, be it cooking or art and craft or movement and connection and enjoys sharing what she uncovers through the sessions she curates. She runs a little studio space in Chandigarh called Mera Qi.

Arunesh's inner work led him to explore movement and flow-arts and find the essence of play. Juggling, fire dance and rope walking brings him balance and joy. Through these elements, he creates workshops and activities for others to tap into their experience of the self. Creating awareness through the body can lead to honouring and exploring the creative energy within.

Khadija Imadi (Deej):
Being introduced to the world of health and fitness by her mother, Deej began her wellness journey at a young age. Continuing to learn more and more about the mind, body, and spirit through life and other professionals over the years, helping others achieve a sense of rejuvenation, healing, and true relaxation through carefully crafted bodywork techniques is the epitome of her Ayurvedic practice.

Harsh Goswami:
Harsh Goswami, a Flow Game Host residing in Udaipur, is not just a banker by profession but a life lesson educator by interest. He loves collecting life lessons and stories from people, passing on those learnings derived from their experiences of life.

Sandeep Kumar:
Dr. Sandeep Kumar has been practising acupuncture for 13 years. Well-versed in acupressure, acupuncture, holistic healing, and energy work, he specializes in spine migraines, psychosomatic disorders and pains, chakra healing, and acupuncture.

Zohra Shakti
Zohra is a priestess, an alchemist and a healer, who works with magic through the medium of tarot, astrology, numerology and crystals with her daily and weekly horoscopes featured regularly at Vogue India and Vogue Arabia.

Hazel Joanna
After delving deeply into her own healing and experiencing the powerful benefits of both breathwork and plant medicine Hazel went to train with ‘Celtic Breathwork’ and ‘Anchoring the light’. Originally from the UK, Hazel moved to India in 2004 to pursue a career in Bollywood. She met with success but after ten years in Mumbai she was burned out and disillusioned and it was here that her journey back to wellness and equilibrium began. Though her path is very different now, her love of dance and music continues and she brings that into her work. Her ceremonies are an ecstatic mixture of movement, breathwork and visualisation and works shamaniciy within the Andean medicine wheel.

Ayesha Sandhu
Ayesha understands the value of human connection and makes space for listening. She is a 900 hrs YTTC Yoga teacher and a breathwork facilitator. The body remembers and is wise. Through her explorations, Ayesha makes room for that wisdom to grow. She does things with heart, be it cooking or art and craft or movement and connection and enjoys sharing what she uncovers through the sessions she curates. She is the conductor of Circus of Mera Qi, a feeling space in Chandigarh.

Vikram Devatha
Vikram Devatha, boasting over 20 years of experience in collaborating with individuals and organizations, holds the belief that everyone possesses untapped potential and can surmount challenges with appropriate assistance. Offering sessions in astrology, coaching, and Flow, Vikram is dedicated to providing support for personal and organizational journeys.

Mav RBell
Having been following and teaching Bodywork for more than a decade, Mav brings these works to professional as well as personal spaces. He works with not just training masseurs, physiotherapists and sports persons but also is invited to big outdoor festivals from climbers to dance and movement communities. At the same time, Mav shares not just the therapeutic but also the deep healing aspect of this field, emphasising upon principles of conscious touch, listening, presence and empathy. His vision of bringing these values to partnerships, friends, families, communities and society as a whole keeps him going on his path and purpose. He has also been involved in research projects combining plant medicine, neuroplasticity and bodywork and he will be sharing these unique gifts with us in the sessions at Magnetic Fields.

Avirat Sundra
Avirat Sundra, an experienced yoga practitioner and an accomplished photographer from India, blends Iyengar yoga with a focus on restorative practices. His transformative journey began in 2017 at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre (Dharamkot), under Mihir Jogh's guidance. Avirat's holistic approach emphasizes on mindfulness, balance, and inspiring tranquility, fostering deep self-reconnection in his sessions.