Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Sanctuary x LifePlugin

An informal space open to guests all day, the Magnetic Sanctuary is a decompression zone that serves as a retreat from the bustle of festival life. Pop in at this alcohol-free space to ease your sore body with an ayurvedic massage, yoga, hand drum sessions, sound baths and guided meditation or just relax until you’re ready to return to the dancefloor.

With the help of our partners LifePlugin, Sanctuary will bring the best teachers, facilitators and practitioners to provide you with a space to meet, connect and seek to reimagine yourself through unique wellness experiences.



Lilya is a certified yoga teacher currently teaching in Mumbai and online. She’s also a coach, space holder, and healer amongst other things. Through a multi-modality and holistic approach, she facilitates trauma healing and self-leadership. She uses her 20+ years of experience in this space to serve other humans’ journeys

Mark & Joana

Mark has built a company teaching marketing to spiritual people, is a successful podcaster and focuses on exploring and teaching sexuality from a male perspective. Joana is pure inspiration and sensuality. She is teaching women around the world how to receive, be more feminine and how to become an embodied pleasure goddess. Together they travel and teach, in a grounded and playful way, about connecting and relating to yourself and others and creating a journey of love, abundance and depth.


Shubhra is a certified aromatherapist, a certified yoga instructor and co-founder of Meraki Essentials. She loves to help her community find tools to balance the functioning of the mind, body and spirit invoking plant spirits.

Annida & Lia

As healing artists, Lia and Annida use a series of holistic and creative approaches to make you unwind into the most authentic version of yourself, and find the inner child and creator within. Through sound frequency explorations and awakening vocal expression, they create a safe container to explore your inner roar.


Maree is the founder of Kundalini Rebels & The Chakra Shake.  Her mission is to inspire you to lead a happy, healthy and high-vibrational life through personal transformation and awareness. She has built London’s first floating yoga studio where she hosts busy weekly classes and full moon ceremonies. Meanwhile in Goa, she hosts life-changing retreats and creates monthly Kundalini Full Moon Ceremonies – marrying her love of dance music and Kundalini Yoga, whilst encouraging people to tap into their natural high.

Karishma Kapoor

Karishma’s private sessions and group circles are sacred catalytic containers promoting deep inner shifts and alchemical transformation Through the holistic integration of tools and practices like breathwork, energy medicine, meditation and conscious journaling, she creates a safe space for you to bridge the gap between who you have become and who you are truly meant to be.

Sina Siav

Sina Siav is a multi-instrumentalist musician and sound healing meditation and yoga teacher based in Goa, India. His music is influenced by Sufi music and transcendental chantings of tribals – a fusion of classical, folk, electronic and world music. He plays instruments like tanbour, didgeridoo, handpan, singing bowl, keys, and classical guitar, mostly performing in yoga and sound healing sessions at festivals and rituals.


Ayesha is a 900 hrs YTTC Yoga teacher and a Breathwork facilitator. 'Why so serious' is a constant reminder especially when life seems harsh. The body remembers and is wise, so through her explorations, she makes room for that wisdom to grow. She runs a little studio space in Chandigarh called Mera Qi.


Arunesh knows the value of both work and play. He strikes a fine balance by exploring and sharing Flow Arts and loves improv games and movements that facilitate more awareness of the self in a playful way. He explores Flow-Arts as a moving meditation, helping one with focus and creative expression.

Farasha (Priyanjali & Dhruva)

Farasha is a sound collective founded by Priyanjali and Dhruva. Its inception came about from the amalgamation of their respective fields of study and passion. Priyanjali is a yoga therapist and psychologist. Dhruv is a musician and architect. Together they offer sonic experiences which involve alternative healing therapies, combined with intuitive visualizations with the use of various instruments carefully picked at healing frequencies.

Rebecca Milford (Bex)

Bex is a professional astrologer who helps people embrace their potential by harnessing the power of cosmic energies. The aim is to use astrology to tap into your highest vibrations, moving from being the passenger on this star-studded journey to being the driving force.

Khadija (Deej)

A certified fitness trainer, Khadija’s path is that of healing through touch. With extended periods of study and observations from other professionals behind her, Khadija practices Ayurvedic Yoga massage. Her therapy consists of working closely with the muscles to improve blood circulation, for which she utilises her background in fitness.