Magnetic Fields

Fieldlines: _RHL w/ Vaibhav Wavikar, Nusrat Apoorv, Anuja Zokarkar & Vinay Sugatha Ramadasan

Magnetic Fields Festival’s residency Fieldines returns to explore new approaches to creative collaboration and expression between indigenous Indian sounds and contemporary artists. This year, it brings together Indian classical musicians from across regions and instrumental backgrounds like Anuja Zokarkar, Apoorv Petkar and Vinay Ramadasan, with percussionist Vaibhav Wavikar and Bangalore-based artist Rahul Giri aka _RHL, renowned for his multi-genre work with the likes of Sulk Station and his collective-turned-label Consolidate.

The transcendental traditions of Indian classical music and the soulfulness of its modern practitioners will meet the contemplative versatility of Rahul’s signature downtempo-ambient sound as they converge to explore new frontiers in creative collaboration and expression over 10 days of residency at the picturesque Badal Mahal of Alsisar Palace. Both traditions, in their own ways, evoke a sense of deep emotionality and immersive atmospheres. As the traditional and contemporary artists come together to create music and their performances together, they will find common ground in their shared passion for creating immersive sonic journeys through music which they present through open-studio jam sessions and a performance on the festival’s South Stage.

With cultural mediation facilitated by social-work-through-arts NGO Rest of My Family, the collective journey with Fieldlines 2023 as part of Magnetic Fields promises to inspire not only the artists themselves but also the audiences who will witness the fusion of these distinct vibrant musical worlds.

Fieldlines is an inter-traditional and inter-generational musical collaboration, that started as part of Magnetic Fields Festival 2019 in collaboration with Gebrüder Teichmann and their label Noland with support from Goethe-Institut's Coproduction Fund grant.