Magnetic Fields


Folk music showcases featuring the vibrant music of Rajasthan at the festival have always drawn an appreciative audience, made up of travellers from India and around the world.

For the 2022 edition, a mega contingent of folk artists featuring a diverse group of instruments will regale attendees on the palace rooftop at dusk. Ustad Hakim Khan and Bairiyam Khan will play the kamaicha, while Jameel Khan, Mehboob Khan and Adreem Khan will handle vocal duties alongside Kutla Khan on dholak, Alseev Khan on suranda, Ugam Dhan ji on veena, Harkha Khan on matki, Khambhira Khan on murli, Idu Khan on Sindhi sarangi, Sikandar Khan on algoza and morchang and Kutle Khan on manjira.