Magnetic Fields

A VR showcase: MUTEK's Immersive Collection.

With a promise of the most cutting-edge immersive experience, Magnetic Fields brings down the talent heads of MUTEK. The festival, globally recognised for its future-facing audio-visual performances, shares its latest chapter: taking its first step as extended reality (XR) content producer with Immersive Collection.

Reinventing shows previously performed at MUTEK, Immersive Collection defies traditional genres and defines a new category of audiovisual XR experiences that are deployed from original concepts, non-traditional narratives and advanced digital creation tools.


Entanglement XR By France Jobin & Markus Heckmann

Entanglement distills quantum physics theories into a swooping sensorial experience, illustrating the concept of entanglement, an uncanny scientific phenomenon that defies explanations. The piece oscillates between four theories: the fluidity of time, multiverse, Copenhagen interpretation and decoherence. These complex notions are filtered into radiant tableaus guided by science, technology, and sensitivity to illustrate what cannot be visualized.

House Of Moire By Chloe Alexandra Thompson & Matthew Edwards

House of Moiré invites users into a void-like realm of transforming audiovisual architecture. In self-directed exploration, the viewer advances through rooms dressed in optical patterns, audio-visual programming, and minimalist spatial design. The result is an odd and inquisitive trip for this latest iteration of Moiré, a series of A/V works investigating psycho-acoustics and sensory illusion through, among others, custom audio software and interactive design.